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    • Cahiers du Genre ‘The Cahiers du Genre is a multidisciplinary and international journal of gender studies published in French. The journal aims at contributing to the theoretical debates in gender studies through the production of new tools, concepts and analyses in the field of humanities and social sciences. It stands out, compared to other publications in French in the field of gender studies, by the broad range of topics it addresses. The journal publishes contributions in the various subfields of sociology (of culture, organizations, labor, law, art, economic sociology, political sociology…) as well as in the fields of the study of emotions, psychology and psychoanalysis.
      Twice a year, the Cahiers du Genre publishes thematic issues. Recent topics include work, the body, equality, migration, the family, sexualities, post-colonialism, masculinities, feminisms, science and technology, public policies, violence, art, etc. The journal encourages articles which draw on disciplinary traditions, methods and theories from sociology, history, anthropology, psychology of labor or political science. The journal’s broad scope aims at grasping the similarities and differences taken by gender relations in different societies and at different historical periods.
      The journal is international in its scope: it translates and publishes in French in each issue contributions from internationally recognized scholars – which makes their work accessible to the francophone readership – and its editorial board is international as well. The journal is peer-reviewed.’
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      keywords: gender studies, gender analysis, woman’s body, body, care economy, gender contract, care work, dual approach to gender equality, gender issue, gender relations, sociology, labor, culture, psychoanalysis.


    • DIFFERENCES – A journal of feminist cultural studies ‘The Journal was published in 1989 for the first time. It emerged in the critical debate between difference theories and the politics of diversity. In the following years, the magazine developed into a platform in which the problem of differences is illuminated. The published texts range from a literary to a political and social realm. The magazine is mainly devoted to theoretical debates, which investigate concepts and categories of – especially sexual – differences and how they function within the culture.’
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      keywords: gender roles, equality of outcome, gender roles, de facto gender equality, gender relations, equal opportunities for women and men, positive measures, diversity, civil society, principle of equal treatment, intersectionality, gender balance, women’s studies, feminist studies, sexual differences.


    • DUODA – Estudios de la Diferencia Sexual ‘The Duoda Women’s Research Centre is an interdisciplinary research center internationally recognized for research, teaching and publication at the University of Barcelona. It publishes the same called journal since 1990. Duoda began as a Centre for Historical Research on Women is famous for its historical research on Women and Women’s studies.
      Since its founding it focuses on feminist politics and theory rooted in sexual difference.
      In Spain, Duoda has been central to the introduction of the thinking and politics of sexual differences undertaken by two important and interrelated Italian groups, the Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective and Diotima, the Women’s Philosophical Community at the University of Verona.’
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      keywords: Women’s studies, feminist studies, equality of outcome, emancipation of women, gender equality, sexual difference, feminism, politics, affidamento.


    • Feminist Review ‘Feminist Review is an interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal, which addresses key societal issues including challenges of race, class and sexuality. Its aim is to provide a forum for current research and debates in women’s studies. In addition it seeks to develop the theory of women’s liberation and the debate the political perspectives and strategy of the movement.
      The journal publishes academic articles as well as experimental pieces, visual and textual media and political interventions, including interviews, short stories, poems and photographic essays.’
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      keywords: Women’s studies, intersectionality, emancipation of women, disadvantaged groups, gender balance, positive measures, diversity, gender studies, multiple discrimination, feminism(s), feminist studies.


    • FS – Feminist Studies ‘Feminist Studies was founded in 1972, out of the idea that women’s movement needed an analytic forum to engage the issues raised by the movement and to bring together the contributions of feminist activists and scholars. By that means it was founded to encourage analytic responses to feminist issues and to open new areas of research, criticism and exchange. The issues consist of scholarly articles, as well as creative writings, art work and art essays, book reviews, political and social commentaries, interviews, and activist reports.
      “The journal publishes research and criticism that takes into account the intersections of gender with racial identity, sexual orientation, economic means, geographical location, and physical ability.”
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      keywords: Gender studies, women’s studies, diversity, intersectionality, disadvantages group, positive discrimination, positive measures, gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation, gender audit, gender mainstreaming, women’s studies, women’s movement, feminism.


    • FEMINIST THEORY ‘Feminist Theory is an international, interdisciplinary and peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for constructive debates within feminism and critical analysis. It seeks to reflect the diversity of feminism, by crossing theoretical and disciplinary boundaries and publishing articles by feminists from all parts of the world.
      The articles cover a broad spectrum of the humanities and social sciences and the full range of feminist political and theoretical stances. Besides longer articles and reflections on topical issues the journal contains book reviews and review articles which set several recent books within the context of past debates.’
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      keywords: Feminism(s), feminist studies, gender studies, women’s studies, feminism, feminist politics, social science.


    • Feministische Studien ‘For more than 30 years, the journal feminist studies has been one of the most important inter- and transdisciplinary forums for women’s and gender studies in the german-speaking countries.
      The purpose of the journal is to take up scientific trends that may be relevant to women’s studies, to inform women’s research in other countries and in particular to present forms of non-institutionalized women’s research. The goal is to deepen and spread the knowledge of and about women in history, culture and society and to deal critically with social changes, participate in debates in research and the public and provide impulses in current controversies.
      Each issue of Feminist Studies is dedicated to a specific subject, as e.g. “masculinity” or “new feminisms’’.
      keywords: civil society, feminist studies, gender studies, women’s studies, gender balance, parity threshold, gender parity, dual approach to gender equality, gender analysis, gender budgeting, feminist studies, women’s studies.


    • FRONTIERS – A Journal of Women’s Studies ‘Frontiers, founded in 1975 is one of the oldest and most respected academic feminist journals in the United States. Its objective is to focus on the diversity of women’s lives and to examine the relationships among place, region, and topics of longstanding concern to feminist scholars – gender, race, ethnicity, class, dis/ability, and sexuality. By the choice of the term frontiers the journal aims to signal that the it pushes the boundaries of feminist scholarship within a national context – the editorial staff rejects any onesided, expansionist and racist use of the term frontiers.’
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      keywords: Feminist studies, intersectionality, multiple discrimination, diversity, gender mainstreaming, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), positive measures.


    • HYPATIA – A Journal of feminist philosophy ‘Hypatia is a peer-reviewed journal, which first appeared in 1986. As an important journal for feminist philosophy it aims to provide a forum for the women’s studies community, the processing of philosophical issues raised by feminism and is intended to encourage and communicate many different kinds of feminist philosophy. Furthermore it aims to “actively reflect and engage the diversity within feminism itself, the diverse experiences and situations of women, and the diverse forms that gender takes across the globe’.
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      keywords: feminist studies, women’s studies, diversity, feminism(s), feminist philosophy.


    • IDENTITIES – Global studies in culture and power ‘Questions of culture and cultural identity have emerged at the core of issues of social and political division, contestation and transformation across the globe and between and within nation-states in recent years. Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power explores the formation and transformation of racial, ethnic, national, transnational and postcolonial identities in the contemporary world. It locates culture, representations and identities as key sites for processes of domination, struggle and resistance, recognising their intersection with other forms of social division and identification.
      Identities provides an interdisciplinary space for new theoretically informed empirical research and critical analysis which opens up questions of race, ethnicity and culture. It draws on and brings together insights from anthropology, cultural studies, sociology, social policy, cultural geography, political science and social psychology. Identities seeks to engage established and emerging scholars in the field in contributing high quality articles, special issues, commentaries and debates which address key questions of culture and identity with which the journal is engaged.’
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      keywords: Gender identity, gender socialization, diversity, gender roles, gender system, gender bias, sexual identity, intersectionality, sexual identity, feminisation of migration.


    • Journal of Gender Studies ‘The Journal of Gender Studies is an Interdisciplinary journal which publishes articles relating to gender and sex from a feminist perspective covering a wide range of subject areas including the Social and Nature Science, the Arts, the Humanities and Popular Culture. We seek articles from around the world that examine gender and the social construction of relationships among genders.
      The magazine is a leading British peer-reviewed journal for interdisciplinary gender studies, published by Routledge.’
      (source: journal and wikipedia)
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      keywords: Gender studies, gender identity, gender roles, intersex, sex-role stereotype, sex stereotype, sexuale stereotype, sex, sexual stereotype, sexual identity, transgender, queer theory, gender socialisation, masculinities, femininities, gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, gender awareness, sexual orientation, queer.


    • Journal of Women’s History ‘The award-winning Journal of Women’s History is the first journal devoted exclusively to the international field of women’s history. It publishes cutting-edge scholarship from around the globe in all historical periods. The Journal also promotes comparative and transnational methods and approaches to historical constructions of gender as they shape and are in turn shaped by women’s experiences.’
      That is a peer review academic journal which offers a multi feminist approach
      It explores multiple perspectives of feminism rather than promoting a single unifying form.’
      (source: wikipedia)
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      keywords: Feminism(s), women’s studies, women’s history.


    • LEGACY – A Journal of American Women Writers ‘In print since 1984, Legacy is the only scholarly journal to focus specifically on American women’s writing, broadly defined, from the seventeenth through the early twentieth centuries. We are interested in projects that examine the works of individual authors; genre studies; analyses of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexualities in women’s literature; historical and material cultural issues pertinent to women’s lives and literary works; and myriad other topics. In addition, Legacy regularly publishes profiles of lesser-known or newly recovered authors, reprints of primary works in all genres, meditations on archival praxis and issues of literary recovery, and book reviews covering current scholarship in the field. Legacy is published twice a year by the University of Nebraska Press and is available online through Project MUSE and JSTOR. Legacy is the official journal of the Society for the Study of American Women Writers.’
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      keywords: Intersectionality, women writers, literature.