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    • NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender ResearchNORA is an interdisciplinary journal of gender and women’s studies and a conduit for high-quality research from, and across, all disciplines. Rooted in the politics of its Nordic location, the journal recognizes and conveys in particular the situatedness of Nordic feminist research. NORA puts emphasis on the various Nordic positions of feminist research, but simultaneously for its transnational entanglements. In effect, the journal partakes in larger intranational conversations on gender and other intersecting categories of analysis. NORA is thus a forum for transversal conversations, creative and critical feminist thought, and comparative perspectives. Acknowledging the need to speak across borders, NORA challenges academic and disciplinary, linguistic and national limits and boundaries. Situated in the Nordic context and international in scope, the editors welcome contributions from all countries, and from across the full kaleidoscopic range of feminist political, empirical and theoretical standpoints.
      NORA especially promotes:
      · Nordic differences: debate among Nordic and non-Nordic feminist researchers on the situated, linked and diverse nature of Nordic feminisms in changing political, historical and cultural contexts.
      · Intra- and intersectionality studies: creative and critical feminist dialogues and methodological advances across multiple axes of differentiation and signification, such as religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, cultural capital, age, mother tongue, dis/ability, to mention only a few.
      · Engagements with “the ontological turn” of feminist thought: human and non-human embodiment, posthumanities, biopolitics, animal studies and material feminisms, the environment and the natural sciences.
      · Power in practice: changing power relations and subjectivities – debates on equality, policy directives and regulations in state and organisation, research politics and social change, governmentality.’
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      keywords: Gender studies, gender power relations, gender equity, pay gap, power relations, gender equality, care economy, feminism(s), economic abuse, gender mainstreaming, intersectionality.


    • Recherches FéministesRecherches féministes is an interdisciplinary French-language scientific journal. The journal founded by Huguette Dagenais in 1988 is published by the Groupe de recherche multidisciplinaire féministe (GREMF) of the Faculty of Social Sciences in Université Laval.
      Its main objective is to contribute to the advancement of feminist research by disseminating original results primarily from empirical research. Theoretical, methodological and epistemological essays, research notes, book reviews, innovative feminist practices, references and other useful research information are also published in the journal. The journal is for those interested in changes in gender relations and in knowledge creation.
      Recherches féministes is an essential source of information for teaching, research and feminist action.
      Recherches féministes publishes articles, research notes, action notes, book reviews, references and reports on major issues in the women’s movement. Each article goes through a peer review process. Two issues per year are published, in spring and in winter. Each issue is theme-based and also contains articles unrelated to the theme.
      The journal is available in electronic format on Érudit and in hard copy at the journal’s office.’
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      keywords: Gender studies, gender roles, gender socialisation, feminism(s), gender system, gender stereotypes, gender education, gender mainstreaming, gender mainstreaming in national policies and programmes.


    • TSWL – Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature ‘Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, the first journal devoted solely to women’s literature, has for thirty-six years published groundbreaking articles, notes, research, and reviews of literary, historicist, and theoretical work by established and emerging scholars in the field of women’s literature and feminist theory. From its founding in 1982 by Germaine Greer, Tulsa Studies has been devoted to the study of both literary and non literary texts—any and all works in every language and every historical period produced by women’s pens.’
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      keywords: Feminist studies, women’s studies, literature, women writers.


    • VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN – An International and Interdisciplinary JournalViolence against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal (VAW) is a peer-reviewed journal published monthly by SAGE Publications and is dedicated to publishing research on all aspects of the problem of violence against women. The journal was founded in 1995 by Claire M. Renzetti, who continues to edit the journal. VAW employs a broad definition of violence and includes articles from a variety of disciplines that examine a wide range of types of violence; risk and protective factors for perpetration and victimization; consequences of violent victimization; violence prevention and interventions; and policy, practice, and advocacy issues throughout the world. The journal is especially committed to publishing research on understudied and underserved groups.’
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      keywords: Violence against women, sexual violence, psychological violence, rape, violence against women in conflict situations, violence at work, economic violence, domestic violence, direct violence, indirect violence, femicide, victim, survivor, secondary victimisation, victimisation, sexual assault on women.


    • Violence and victimsViolence and Victims is a peer-reviewed journal featuring cutting-edge and evidence-based studies of theory, research, policy, and clinical practice related to all forms and types of interpersonal violence and victimization. Committed to the idea that interpersonal violence and victimization requires a broad-based understanding inadequately addressed by focusing upon a single type of abuse or the contributions of any one discipline, Violence and Victims features international and interdisciplinary contributions from a variety of professional disciplines such as psychology, psychiatry, sociology, criminology, law, medicine, nursing, psychiatry, and social work.
      Special emphasis is given to the reporting of original empirical research on the psychological, socio-cultural, and biological correlates, characteristics, risk factors, and associated variables related to the etiology, description, assessment, and treatment of physical violence, psychological abuse, and victimization that occur or have impact: within the family, outside the home, within our schools and workplaces, upon healthcare and social services, criminal-justice legal developments.
      The journal also provides a forum for special issues devoted to current areas of study, inter-related contributions to a specific type of violence, or controversial topics thorough either invitations by or idea proposals made to the Editor-in-Chief’
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      keywords: Victim, survivor, secondary victimisation, victimisation, violence against women, sexual violence, psychological violence, rape, violence against women in conflict situations, violence at work, economic violence, domestic violence, direct violence, indirect violence, femicide, sexual assault on women.


    • Women & Language – An International and Interdisciplinary Journal ‘Women & Language, an international interdisciplinary research periodical, provides a feminist forum focused on issues of gender, communication, and language. W&L accepts submissions of scholarly articles that make conceptual and research contributions to the study of communication, language, and gender. Essays on current issues in the field as well as book reviews and reviews of digital media are welcome.
      Women & Language is published by the Elliott School of Communication at Wichita State University. W&L is affiliated with the Organization for the Study of Communication Language and Gender (OSCLG). OSCLG provides a forum for interdisciplinary discussion and presentation of theory, research, creative projects, and pedagogy in the areas of communication, language and gender, and promotes recognition of those doing work in this area (see
      Women & Language began in 1976 at Stanford University as Women & Language News. The journal has been in continuous publication since that time, serving as both a scholarly outlet and a communication hub for an emerging community of feminist language and communication scholars. Past editors Cheris Kramarae and Anita Taylor have compiled an editorial record from 1976-2016.’
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      keywords: Gender-neutral language, non-sexist use of language, gender-sensitive language, women’s studies.


    • Women & Performance – A Journal of Feminist Theory ‘Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory seeks scholarly essays on performance, dance, film, new media, and the performance of everyday life from interdisciplinary feminist perspectives. We encourage dialogues between varied fields of performance scholarship (i.e., performance studies; dance, and music history and criticism; ethnography; new media, cinema and cultural studies, as well as queer and post-colonial theory), and explore critiques of race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, technology, and nation.
      Included in our journal is a section titled ‘&’, featuring artists’ statements performance texts, manifestoes, feminist and queer takes on current events and debates, and other modes of intellectual production and critical engagements that perform feminist theory in alternative forms. In addition, the journal also includes reviews of recent performance and scholarly books. The journal is a peer-reviewed, tri-annual publication with guest edited special issues. We encourage general submissions that foreground themes of gender and performance and proposals for special issues that address specific topic within feminism and performance studies.
      Women & Performance was founded in 1983 by graduate students in the Department of Performance Studies at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Since its inception the journal has operated as a feminist collective. After self-publishing for 23 years, Women & Performance was acquired by Routledge, Taylor & Francis. Witch each issues we continue our mission of extending and reformulating notions of gender and performance’
      (source: women & performance a journal of feminist theory vol. 27 Issue 2 2017 year)
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      keywords: Feminism(s), feminist studies, women’s studies, woman, arts, performance.


    • Women Studies Abstracts ‘This quarterly journal abstracts significant research in women studies covering thirty key topic areas, including education and socialization, psychology of women, sex roles, and characteristics; politics and government; employment; family; violence against women; mental and physical health; pregnancy, fertility, childbirth and neonatal care; finances; history; literature; art and music; interpersonal relations; and biography and criticism. The contents are drawn from some sixty periodicals dedicated to issues relevant to women’s movements and behavior.’
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      keywords: Women’s studies, gender mainstreaming, violence against women, childcare, care work, family care, gender socialization, gender education, sex, sexual identity, sexual orientation.


    • Women’s Studies Quarterly – An Educational Project of the Feminist Press at the City University of New York in Cooperation with Rochester Institute of Technology ‘Since 1972, WSQ has been an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of emerging perspectives on women, gender, and sexuality. Its thematic issues focus on such topics as Activisms, The Global and the Intimate, The Sexual Body, Trans-, Technologies, and Mother, combining psychoanalytic, legal, queer, cultural, technological, and historical work to present the most exciting new scholarship on ideas that engage popular and academic readers alike. In 2007, WSQ was awarded the Council of Editors of Learned Journals’ Phoenix Award.
      WSQ is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published twice a year in June and December. Along with scholarship from multiple disciplines, it showcases fiction and creative nonfiction, poetry, book reviews, and the visual arts.
      WSQ’s general editors are Jillian M. Báez, assistant professor of Media Culture, College of Staten Island, CUNY, and Natalie Havlin, associate professor of English, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY.’
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      keywords: Gender studies, women’s studies, queer, transgender, transsexual, sexual identity, sexuality, safe motherhood, childcare, pregnancy, family planning, emancipation of women, arts, literature, fiction.