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  •  OPAC Sebina- Catalogo del Polo Bolognese allows you to explore and search the collections of books, periodicals and multimedia material in the libraries of Polo Bolognese (public and academic libraries of the metropolitan area and the regional district of Bologna)
  •  OPAC SBN-Catalogo del Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale is the National Library Service Catalogue that allows you to explore the vaste book and periodicals heritage of Italian libraries.
  • SBN is a network of local public and academic libraries, documentation centres and library consortia located in the Italian territory.
  •  ACNP-Catalogo Italiano dei Periodici allows you to search the collections of periodicals, magazines and journals of a vast number of Italian academic and public libraries and documentation centres. It contains bibliographic descriptions of periodical publications from all over the world and covers all disciplinary sectors.