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Biblioteca Italiana delle Donne is part of Polo Bolognese del Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale (National Library Service).

Since its foundation, the Library has contributed to the creation of cooperation networks in the field of gender information, and, as one of the most important women’s libraries in Europe, it has also an active role in European and international feminist networks of women’s libraries and documentation centres.

It is part of the Rete Lilith , the Italian women’s documentation centres, archives and libraries network.

The Library also participated in the Know How Conference on the World of Women’s Information and hosted the IV Conferenza Europea di Ricerca Femminista.

The Library is currently member of:

  • Wine Network:  the European network of women’s libraries, archives and documentation centres specialized in gender issues.
  • ATGENDER: the European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation is a broad association for academics, practitioners, activists and institutions in the field of Women’s, Gender, Transgender, Sexuality, and Queer studies, feminist research, women’s, sexual and LGBTQI+ rights, equality, and diversity.
  • EIGES’s Resource and Documentation Centre: EIGE – European Institute for Gender Equality contributes to the promotion of gender equality in Europe by providing high-level expertise to the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Member States and the enlargement countries. EIGE collects, analyzes, processes and disseminates data and information on gender equality issues, making them comparable, reliable and relevant to users at the same time.